Non-residential premises rent – Bratislava Dúbravka Polianky

BCP s.r.o. offers office space for rent in Bratislava Dúbravka Polianka in the highest quality of services.

Rental of non-residential premises at great prices

Quality non-residential premises for rent are located in a reconstructed administrative building in the location of Bratislava Dúbravka Polianky. The building is located close to the motorway bypass, which ensures fast transfer to every part of Bratislava and, of course, to the rented spaces. You will also find high-quality amenities.

Renting of our non-residential premises is connected with quality services. The spaces are, as already mentioned, renovated and ready to be rented in the spirit of destination. Everywhere are fitted modern plastic windows, doors, new central heating and hot water supply. In the building, we have reconstructed wiring and plumbing. If you are interested in IT technology such as the Internet, telephone and TV, we will also provide you with these services. Prices are very favorable from 6 euros per m2 including energy. If you are searching job in Bratislava, try to send your C.V. to one of our renters. There are also quality restaurants nearby.

We offer non-residential premises for rent in various areas, which are located from the ground floor to the upper floors. In the case of the use of material storage areas where there is greater movement, we also have an elevator. The building is equipped with a parking lot in close proximity, we have a fixed reception desk and guard service, so you can get to the building at night. We also set up a monitoring system to protect property.

Non-residential space for rent

We realize that each customer has different requirements for our services and equipment for non-residential premises, so we try to fulfill their requirements. We are also willing to make smaller building modifications to get the space to suit. We hope that you will be happy with our services and that mutual cooperation will bring benefits for both parties.